Testimonials - 2nd series

Day 1

The quality of the course, until this moment, is as I was expected. Our trainer, Nick Perkins, has demonstrated experience in education, both in terms of the human component as well as extensive knowledge in the use of modern communication tools. The amount of information is very big, but their practical-applicative nature makes them interesting and similar.

Last, but not least the contact with our colleagues from all across the country is an exceptional long-term experience exchange.

Until now: positive feedback!

Bodea Anca Delia – jud. Galati

Today I attended at an interactive course that will certainly contribute to my professional development, by working with other teachers and trainers, through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and materials. I learned new strategies that can help me to teach students to become autonomous, to collaborate, to evaluate different websites, to use the Internet in a more efficient way. I am confident that by the end of the course I will discover a whole gold mine, full of resources, with which I will better prepare my students for their success.

Bodescu Raluca Paula – jud. Galati

In the first day in London, I’ve studied with Professor Nick Perkins the 1st module: “Introduction in Technology and Internet as instruments for teaching and learning.” Me and my colleagues have summarized our knowledge about technology, we better understood the challenges of the educational environment in the 21st century, how to use Internet in class in order to optimize the teaching hours. Involving all students in practical activities, team work, planning a teaching approach in which we can use and integrate technology in various teaching techniques are prerequisites for a high quality course.

I think I can say I know more after the first day and I look forward to continue.

Bratu Ana-Florentina – jud. Dambovita

The first day of the class was very interesting. Mr. Nick Perkins is an excellent communicator. He gave us useful information about the methods that involves technology in English classes and in daily life, so we can attract them to improve their English and digital skills. The idea that in today’s life, technology helps us tremendously was reinforced.

Biciusca Oana-Maria – jud. Dambovita

I learned many new things, interesting and useful, starting from the 1st day.  Activities were led by Nick Perkins and other colleagues from the course. The activities were very well structured and I’m sure all these things we learn will assist us in our teaching work. After this day, I’m excited to use everything I’ve learned here.

Bita Elena – jud. Neamt

Nick Perkins’s interactive approach facilitated the understanding of the importance and necessity of using modern technology in teaching international languages. Interactive activities and team work, constantly monitored helped us quickly accommodate and cope with the dense program. 

Berindeie Alina – jud. Cluj

Bertrand Russel says that there are two reasons to read a book: for pleasure of reading and to tell others.

We are here for the same reason. In order to fill our technology knowledge gaps and to forward what we learn here, in class. The first day was exhausting, but very interesting and beautiful. Mr. Nick Perkins is a great trainer who knows how to teach, not a chore, but in a pleasant and comfortable way. I hope we will continue this way in the following days.

Anton Simona – jud. Prahova

Some say that technology and education are doomed as partners because one is moving fast, and the other one “too slow”. Well, I wanted to keep up with technology and all the required changes. That’s why I am here and why I want to know how to use technology in school. What I have found today and I think it is important? If you simply use digital resources without trying to maximize their effect on learning, we do not anything; just replacing some tools used in traditional school. And this doesn’t change teaching and learning. It needs more careful analysis of the means and their use, and this course gives us this opportunity, teaches us how to benefit from advantage of introducing technology in class.

Avram Lucia – jud. Maramures

Day 2

The course becomes more interesting, challenging, and full of information every day. We learned a lot of new thongs that I would like to apply in the near future in my English classes. The two trainers are highly qualified, open-minded, flexible, willing to share their vast experience. So far, everything was excellent, congratulations and best wishes to the organizers and colleagues. 

Cristoiu Roxana – jud. Olt

Due to the complexity of the course and teaching method, I think all participants in this educational program in the second series had the feeling that they know too little things and there is room for more, much more. Personally I would like to have more frequent pauses to reflect on the covered activites.

Ceaus Georgiana Annemarie – jud. Gorj

Today, in the second day the activities started with Nick Perkins which explained the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to arrange a classroom. We worked in groups and did brainstorming on the various activities that can be done in classes with the help of technology. In the afternoon, we worked with Helen Salgo and I was impressed by the activity where we created mindmaps. The course activities are interactive and very useful. 

Brunello Adrian – jud. Iasi

Both modules were very interesting, because the theoretical part combines perfectly with the practical one. Although the former approach was different, Pearson’s trainers gave us very useful information and different websites, all designed to help us in teaching and professional development.

Cismas Ramona – jud. Timis

Today I had the feeling that trainers know so many things that could share with us, but the time doesn’t allow this thing. I felt small in a huge virtual sea. It’s a very useful course and, perhaps from others, it allows us to apply new things in school.

Dulgheru Anca – Botosani

Today has been extremely beneficial in several ways. First, I appreciated that we shared wonderful ideas that we can apply in class. Trainer Nick Perkins managed to lead the seminar very elegant and always coming with eloquent, coming with example of how we could improve teaching and learning, integrating technology in two ways: for our students and for us, as teachers.

Secondly, the information received from trainer Helen Salgo was very helpful. I learned about the language of the Internet, about useful search engines other than Google, about how we can organize our documents effectively and logically. From another perspective, I appreciate the course organization. The quality and the services are high. Although I encountered small problems, there were resolved on time and without serious consequences. I am looking forward for the next days to surprise me and exceed my expectations.

Dumitrache Andreea– jud Mures

Day 3

The course is conducted in a wonderful atmosphere created by Pearson’s trainers: Nick Perkins and Helen Salgo that challenges us to find as many uses of smartphones, other gadgets which put teachers in an unfair competition. The success of lessons depends on so many factors, which are overlooked often. Today, Nick reminded us one of them: how a computer classroom’s layout influences the teaching approach. Each lesson is an important fight against ignorance and every detail counts.

Anton Laura Madalina – Bucuresti

Today’s activities were a huge surprise to some of us that are “connected” to traditional teaching materials.  I learned how to build up our teaching materials. 

Martinescu Cristina – Bucuresti

Firstly, I want to thank the Ministry of Education and the trainers for the opportunity to be in London, both for the joy of visiting the city and improving my teaching methods with the help of technology. If the first two days were focused on discussions and presentations about the frequency of technology usage in teaching classes, the third one brought the implementation of these ideas, the realization in two types of activities. In the first half of the day, guided by our trainer – Helen Salgo, we designed an activity based on listening to a text created by ourselves previously, which involved the use of specially designed programs (Audacity). In the second half of the day, the activity created with the help of Mr. Nick Perkins supposed to film a short movie on the streets of London. This video material was designed to present to our students an authentic model of English language, which rarely can be found in traditional materials. I look forward to the next two days, because I’m very curious what technology means, but mostly because every day bring new thing about ways of teaching with technology.

Juca Maria-Alexandra – jud. Bistrita

Today started very well for me. It was a challenge in all aspects. We were divided into groups and asked to make a video designed for students. We had 45 minutes to do this task and each team received a video camera. It was a real adventure for my team because we managed to take an interview from a government official of Zambia. We wanted to show that England is visited by worldwide tourists. The second part of the day was also dynamic, given the task to make an audio file to use in the English teaching class. My team created a radio show called Morning Flash at a fictional radio station London Sound. It was a challenging and very instructive day.

Manda Simona-Cristina – jud. Valcea

 Since it’s not my first experience of this kind, attending to such a course, I want to thank the organizers for this opportunity. In my opinion the course is equally useful for us as teachers, but also for students. That because technology is advancing with high speed and we can work easier. The course contains a lot of new and useful information.

Gheorghe Clara-Madalina- jud. Ialomita

Despite the fatigue accumulated so far, today was the most interesting part of the course. On one hand, we have received many new and useful information and on the other one, a lot of practical activities. Although at first thing seemed impossible due to lack of experience in this field (audio-video), with the help from teachers and colleagues the final product was great. I liked both activities - audio and video, realizing that these methods can be very easily applied in the teaching class. Today was a very useful day, because at the dinner I had the possibility to discuss with Nick, receiving answers for many of my questions. I look forward to come back home to apply all the things I have learned here!

Manole Ancuta – Liana - jud. Arad

I felt that Wednesday as an important day in this course because of the impact that production of audio and video materials had on me. While in the first part of the day we discussed with Helen about the types of audio, distribution methods, sources and other related aspects, we formed a group in order to create our own audio material using “Audacity”. It was a time of maximum concentration and emotion when we had to develop the material. After de lunch, Nick Perkins presented us the benefits of using video materials in English classes. We were provided with cameras to produce our own records. Excited and a little worried, we started in the first location: an alley full of flowers. Later, we interviewed a dog walker person, an Austrian student and some teenagers in order to find out how they spend their free time in the UK capital. After that, we all watched the movies in the classroom. It was really exciting and joyful to see what everyone else chose to film. We ended the work day sightseeing.

Ionescu Mona-Ancuta – Bucuresti

The third day of our course in London was a special one. The 2 sessions of the day were presented by Nick and Helen. They were full of valuable information, although there were many things to do under pressure; everything was new, very interesting and fun. 

Maracine Daniela – jud. Ilfov

Day 4

First, I want to thank to everyone involved in this project for the opportunity. The course is a very intense experience where you must work a lot. I’m sure that it will be very useful in my profession. The fact that I met colleagues from all over the country and the opportunity to visit London means a lot for me.

Popa Liviu Mircea – jud. Vaslui

The course sessions are very interactive and motivating. With each passing day, I realize how important it is to include technology in language teaching.

Craciun Mirela – jud. Hunedoara

I am grateful to the Ministry of Education for this wonderful opportunity to learn new things, to enrich my knowledge, skill; and also, to refresh them. We attended at a modern course where we learned to use resources or even create them: Andacity, Text2 Mind Map. This course has been designed to help us adapt to changes, to use our resources and technological advantages. Also, the Ministry gave us the opportunity to visit and explore London: Big Ben, House of Parliament and Trafalgar Square. Great opportunity for English teachers.

Ivanescu Amelia – jud. Olt

This course was entertaining. I felt like a student at the beginning of the academic year. The atmosphere was refreshing. Everything was OK. Thank you.

Blaga Larisa – jud Bacau

This day, like previous ones, was one in which I worked very hard. We talked about the project and how we can achieve great performances using information technology. The amount of information received is huge, but extremely useful. I regret that I have not much time to deepen and strengthen what I learned, but I am convinced that, once I arrive home, I will have time for this. I am very happy that I found out some extremely useful tools that have opened new perspectives in terms of my work as a teacher. On the other hand, I want to mention that I worked closely with my colleagues in groups. They are wonderful people with whom I have communicated very well and from whom I have learned new things. Finally, I wish to congratulate the organizers for the idea of ​​a Romanian corner - I think it was a success, and my colleagues for the manner in which they were involved in making this happen.

Rosca Ana - jud. Brasov

The fourth day was a new challenge, a combination of technology and design as that by the end of the day I had to designed a project which implemented modern teaching and learning in the our communities . The day was quite tiring but fruitful given that I realized how many ways we have to disseminate information gathered today in order to generate greater openness to modern technology. Things are getting more interesting and I managed to pull everything I assimilated previous days.

Moise Iudit-Alexandra – jud Constanta

Day 4 seemed a little easier than the last one, when I had to run through London to make a movie. Helen was our trainer and the final task of the day was to present a project whose purpose would be to make our community aware of the need to use technology in everyday life. It was good. However Helen is a person who only offers positive feedback, so we do not know if we’ve missed something. She only uses words like “awesome", "fabulous", "great" ... She showed us how to use Google Docs and it's a great thing to use in class and can be applied successfully in Romania, even if we do not have computers in all classrooms. As a general impression, I think there's money well spent.

Mladin Flora-Marilena – jud. Mehedinti

Day four was a wonderful one. I learned how to use Google Drive and Google Docs, how to work as a team on the same document. Again, they highlighted the benefits of teamwork, both for teachers and students. Then I learned how to designing a short and long term activity, with goals to achieve and ways of disseminating information to other English teachers in our cities or even high school . It was a moment where we discussed and seek solutions to take decisions, to work together and share information. The day ended with an original and extraordinary Romanian corner, where all students have contributed with different objects from the area where they came from: icons, pots, pictures, postcards, etc. Everything was doubled by Romanian music and images of our country. The evening continued with an English dinner. A wonderful day that we will never forget.

Onitiu Marinela – jud. Sibiu

As in previous days, I learned new things extremely interesting and useful in class. It started from the traditional methods that we use frequently in class and then we were introduced to electronic tools that we can use in teaching and in assessments. The latter are more motivating for students because the IT environment, besides the fact that it is familiar, it is also very tender. I liked especially the activities in which we created video and audio files. I will definitely try when I return home. Thanks Pearson for the opportunity to participate in this training, which helped me to improve my working methods class with modern computerized systems.

Munteanu Silvia – jud. Braila

On the fourth day of our course I used the Internet as a tool in our collaboration as teacher. The day began with trainer Helen Salgo, who presented various methods of use of communication platforms on the Internet. We created online documents that we can use to facilitate our work. I worked mostly with Google Docs, which I found very useful and creative. In the second part of the course, we used project-based learning and tried to create a project for the implementation of what we’ve learned, in our own schools and communities. We worked in teams and used the taught methods for presenting ideas in our project. I personally liked the attitude of the trainer, who is a person with extensive knowledge in technology area which can be applied in teaching English. The only obstacle in doing the tasks was the lack of clear and precise instructions, but maybe this was part of our training.

Molnos Ildiko-Maria – jud. Covasna

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