Testimonials - 1st series

Activities were interactive course, I got more useful information for teaching English. I appreciated the fact that we tested many digital resources, worked in groups and learned new concepts.

Adina Calugaru

The course provides practical examples of the use of technology in everyday life in educational purposes.

Monica Bors

We are all English teachers and just the fact we are in London (the centre of British culture) represents the best motivation to participate in training courses. London is fascinating. Just being in London is an adventure at its best. Yet, our adventure in London is just the dessert. The main course is represented by the project: Integrating Technology in English Language Instruction. In the first day, we were formed by Nick Perkins, specialist in new technologies which lived and studied in UK. Our trainer is a English teacher for Spanish students which learns English, so he was able to share us examples from his classroom activity.

We have received many interesting tips about technology and how we can use it in class, useful websites and how they can be used. The most useful thing for me is that I learned how to search effectively on the Internet and how to make sure that my students are founding the right study materials. We look forward to the next days and to apply what we have learned.

The second day came with a new trainer, Helen Salgo. We were asked to describe our classrooms and to optimize it in order to integrate the newer technologies. Many new ideas: online tools that help us to quickly and efficiently make a mind-map, how to develop a professional network to share useful information, alternative searching engines such as iSeek.com.  I wait with great interest the next day when I will find out more about audio-visual tools that we can bring in classroom in order to teach English better.

Vizitati imagini Georgiana Frincu, Scoala gimnaziala "Serban voda"a, sector 4, Bucuresti.

First, I want to thank the Ministry of Education and trainers for this opportunity. Integrating Technology In English Language Instruction Course is presented by two wonderful people, Nick Perkins and Helen Salgo, two open-minded people that combine business with pleasure. They share us ideas, tips, and modern teaching methods in class. I noticed at this course, a type of globalization: Mr. Professor Nick Perkins is originally from the South Africa, he studied in London, he lives and works at the University of Bogota, Columbia, and on Monday – 8th April – he’s our trainer. And we are Romanian English teachers selected for London.

The atmosphere of the first day was relaxing, because we were treated as colleagues, both in the classroom and in the “backstage”. The tasks were very well structured, so the time wasn’t a problem. We found out the basic knowledge and terms of the Internet with help from our trainers using different search engines (other than Google or Yahoo).Today I can say I learned something new: the use of professional resources online. Ms. Helen introduced us to a cluster diagram (Mind2Map) about Professional Learning Networks (PLN).

Bloom’s Taxonomy has been presented to us like mentioned above, and as a task we had to make such a chart that contains different types of resources. We have to send our task/homework online. 

Vizitati imagini Botezatu Gabriela Delia

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