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Clasa a VII- a L2



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Data sustinerii testului:



• Pentru rezolvarea corectă a tuturor cerintelor din Partea I si din Partea a II-a se acordă 90

de puncte. Din oficiu se acordă 10 puncte.



PARTEA I (60 de puncte)


1. Fill in the gaps using the following words:


lots, newspapers , yesterday, men, children, happening, water, birds, sun, dog


I went to the beach  1.____________. When I got there, there were 2.____________ of things 3. _______________ on the beach. There were two 4._______________ reading

5. __________  in two deck-chairs on the beach. There were some 6. _____________ playing in the 7. __________ . There were two fishermen in a boat . There were some

8. _____________ flying over the 9._____________ . There was one 10._____________ running after a cat. There were a lot of people lying in the sand .  I was also lying in the sun all day  ,yesterday.


The result : I got sun-burnt and today I can’t go out.




2. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous or Simple Present.

1. You can’t see Tom now : he  ________________ (have ) a bath.

2. Why you _________________ (put) on your coat ?

3. I ________________ (go) for a walk.

4. You ______________ (like) this necklace?

5. You _______________ (dream) at night ?

6. What he_____________ (do) to his car now?

7. My mother hopes that Peter ________________ (not come) to the party tonight.

8. Why she  ________________ (walk) so fast today.

9. They usually _____________ (come) to school in time.

10. The girls________________ (swim) in the sea now.



3. Write the correct plural form of the words:

a. factory - ____________

b. tooth - ____________

c. tomato - ____________

d. watch - _____________

(4x0,5 p=2p)


4. Fill in who, whose, what, when, where, why, how much, how many:

a. ______________ are they eating? They are eating chocolate.

b. ______________ do they spend their winter holidays ? They spend their holidays in Austria.

c. ______________ are they? They are our new friends.

d. ______________ are they coming here? They are coming here to celebrate her birthday.

e. ______________ book is that ? It’s Tom’s book.

f. ______________  was he born? He was born in January.

g. ______________ do you owe her? I owe her 15 $.

h. ______________ brothers have you got? I’ve got no brothers.

i. ______________  is coming to dinner? Peter is.

j. ______________ is the teacher reading? She is reading a new novel.


5. Use infinitives to complete the following sentences :




to be


To do


To finish


To get


To go


To make


To pass


To play

To have to

Have to




Be able to









1. Can you ______________ the piano?

2. She seems __________________better today.

3. I want ________________ some shopping.

4. We may ______________ to France soon.

5.When will you _______________ school?

6. She hopes_______________ a new car.

7.Must you _____________ so much noise?

8. Could you ___________________ the salt?

9. Could you ________________ me with my homework?

10.She can___________________ Japanese, can’t she?

11. One day, everybody will _____________ travel where they want.

12. I hate _______________ live in a big city.

13. I’m sorry I ______________ tell you this.

14. Do you ______________ to stop here?


PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte)

Write a letter to Peter telling him the latest news about you.

Do not use more than 80 words.

BAREM DE EVALUARE SI DE NOTARE Se punctează oricare alte formulări/ modalităti de rezolvare corectă a cerintelor. Nu se acordă punctaje intermediare, altele decât cele precizate explicit prin barem. Se acordă 10 puncte din oficiu. Nota finală se calculează prin împărtirea punctajului total acordat pentru test la 10. PARTEA I (60 de puncte) 1. 10 x 1p=10 points 1) yesterday; 2) lots; 3) happening; 4) men; 5) newspapers; 6) children; 7) sun; 8) birds; 9) dog; 10) water. 2. 10 x 1p= 10 points 1) is having; 2) are you putting; 3) I’m going; 4 do you like; 5) do you dream; 6 is doing; 7) is not coming; 8) is she walking; 9) come; 10) are swimming. 3. 4 x 0,5 p= 2 points a) factories; b) teeth; c) tomatoes; d) watches. 4. 10 x 1p=10 points a. What; b. Where; c. Who; d. Why; e. Whose; f. When; g. How Much; h.How many; i. Who; j. What . 5. 28 x 1p=28 points 1. Play 2. To be 3. To do 4. Go 5. Finish 6. To get 7. Make 8. Pass 9. Help 10. Speak 11. Be able to 12. To have to 13. Have to 14. Want PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte) 4 points for appropriately beginning and ending the letter: - 2 points the beginning: Dear + the friend’s name/ Hello - 2 points the ending: Best wishes + the sender’s name 6 points for correct grammar structures and connectors 5 points for the use of appropriate vocabulary 10 points for covering the aspects demanded by the task 3 points for a balanced structure (greeting/introduction, content) 2 points for the general impression

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