test initial clasa a V-a


Anul scolar 2013-2014

Limba engleză

Clasa a V- a L1



Numele si prenumele elevului:

Data sustinerii testului:


  •  Pentru rezolvarea corectă a tuturor cerintelor din Partea I si din Partea a II-a se acordă 90 de puncte.
  • Din oficiu se acordă 10 puncte.
  •  Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.


PARTEA I (60 puncte)


  1. Fill in the gaps using the following words:

rooms, the, lives, living-room, mirror, her, favourite, mother, large, nice


   My friend 1)____________________in a 2)_________________flat.  There are three 3)___________________________in her flat: two bedrooms and a 4)_______________.

5).________kitchen isn’t very 6)_________________, but her 7)_________likes it. There is a big 8)_______________in the bathroom. My friend’s 9)_____________

room is 10)______________bedroom.



  1. Underline the correct form of the verbs(Present Simple or Present Continuous)

  1. lives\is living                               He___________in Cluj now.

  2. goes\is going                               She ____________to school in the afternoon.

  3. eats/is eating                               Mary ____________apples every day.

  4. listen\ are listening                    The children____________to a story now.

  5. write\ are writing                       We_____________an exercise now.

  6. swim\ are swimming                 The girls__________in the lake now.

  7. sings\ is singing                          Listen! Mary ______________now.

  8.dont’t play \isn’t playing           The boys ________________football every day.

  9. lives\ is living                              The Queen _______________in a palace.

 10. rains\ is raining                          Look! It_______________.


  1. Write the corret plural:

One lion- three……                                                            A hunter- two………                                    

A policeman-five …….                                                      A woman- two……

A glass-two……..                                                               A mouse-two…..

A monkey-four…..                                                              A watch- five…….

A box- two……                                                                  A baby-six……….



  1. Fill in when, where, who, what, why, how much, how many.

1.________________does he like most to school? Games

2.________________is his birthday? On the 5th of October.

3,________________do they ask so many questions? They want to know.

4.___________does he go on Saturday afternoons? To the swimming-pool.

5. _____________brings presents to children at Christmas? Santa Clause.

6. _______________do you live? In London

7. __________________do you get up in the morning? At 7 o’clock.

8._____________is your best friend? Paul

9. _____________sister have you got? Two sisters.

10._________________money have you got?$3




  1. Fill in the blanks with must\ mustn’t, can\can’t.
  2. The clown is very funny. He ________________do fantastic tricks.
  3. Children______________ play in the street.
  4. Mrs. Smith always tells us that we ______________pay attention.
  5. I am not good at sports. I_____________jump or run fast.
  6. It’s late. We _____________hurry.
  7. My father makes good soup. He _____________cook anything.
  8. it’s maria’s birthday. We __________buy a present for her.
  9. You _________watch Tv. all day. It’s bad for your eyes.
  10. It’s a rainy day. I______________take an umbrella.
  11. Unfortunately, she_________________play the piano.




      Describe your best friend.

Follow this plan:

  1. write his\her name and age.
  2. write what he\she looks like
  3. write what he\she likes
  4. Write what he / she doesn’t like.
  5. write what he\she usually wears
  6. write what you usually do together.



1. lives,large, rooms,living-room, the, nice,mother, mirror, favoutite, her. 2. lives, goes, eats, are listening, are writing, are swimming, is singing, don't play, lives, is raining, 3. lions, policemen, glasses, monkeys, boxes, hunters, women, mice, watches, babies. 4. what, when, why, where, who, where, when, who, how many, how much. 5. can, mustn,t, must, can't, must, must, mustn't, must, can't

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