Anul şcolar 2011-2012
Limba engleză
Clasa a VI-a L1

Numele si prenumele elevului:
Data susţinerii testului:

• Pentru rezolvarea corectă a tuturor cerinţelor din Partea I si din Partea a II-a se acordă 90
de puncte. Din oficiu se acordă 10 puncte.
• Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.

PARTEA I (60 de puncte)

1. Fill in the gaps using the following words: arm, hair, ear, eye, neck, foot, head, nose, teeth, leg.
Peter broke his………..and couldn’t walk for a month.
I can’t see! I’ve got something in my………..
I tried on the shoe but my…………got stuck.
The teacher was carrying a lot of books under his………..
Gina has beautiful long………..
You bite with your………..
My ………..feels cold in winter, so I wear a hat.
A giraffe has got a very long ………
You smell with your……….
Our teacher’s words go in one………and aut the other.

2. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous or Simple Present:
1. Look! He (leave) the house.
2. Quiet please! I (write) a test.
3. She usually (walk) to school.
4. But look! Today she (go) by bike.
5. Every Sunday we (go) to see my grandparents.
6. He often (go) to the cinema.
7. We (play) Monopoly at the moment.
8. The child seldom (cry) .
9. I (not / do) anything at the moment.
10. (watch / he) the news regularly? (10×2p=20p)
3. Match the opposites:

big interesting
early weak
boring expensive
strong late
cheap small

4. Write these words in the correct order:
1. often/She/cinema/goes/the/to

2. TV/Does/watch/evening/he/every?


4. year/last/Where/go/holiday/on/you/did?

5. shop/works/This/she/is/where/the

PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte)

Write about your best friend. Do not use more than 80 words.

TEST DE EVALUARE INITIALĂ Anul şcolar 2011-2012 Limba engleză Clasa a VI- a L1 BAREM DE EVALUARE SI DE NOTARE Se punctează oricare alte formulări/ modalităti de rezolvare corectă a cerintelor. Nu se acordă punctaje intermediare, altele decât cele precizate explicit prin barem. Se acordă 10 puncte din oficiu. Nota finală se calculează prin împărtirea punctajului total acordatpentru test la 10. PARTEA I (60 de puncte) 1. 10 x 1p=10 points 1) leg; 2) eye; 3) foot; 4) arm; 5) hair; 6) teeth; 7) head; 8) neck; 9) nose; 10) ear. 2. 10 x 2p= 20 points 1) is leaving; 2) am writing; 3) walks; 4) is going; 5) go; 6) goes; 7) are playing; 8) cries; 9) am not doing; 10) Does he watch. 3. 5 x 2 p= 10 points a) big≠small; b) early≠late; c) boring≠interesting; d) strong≠weak; e) cheap≠expensive. 4. 5 x 4p=20 points She often goes to the cinema. Does he watch TV every evening? They are going to visit Barcelona this weekend. Where did you go on holiday last year? This is the shop where she works. PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte) 6 points for correct grammar structures and connectors 5 points for the use of appropriate vocabulary 10 points for covering the aspects demanded by the task 5 points for a balanced structure 4 points for the general impression

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