The implementation activity of the educational package will run on a rigorous and transparent selection process which will ensure the access of the participants that have posted on the project’s portal evaluation tests of their competences according to the Europass standards. This will be done this way:

  • The management and the implementation project team will develop the selection criteria.
  • The selection of the participants will be done in 2 stages. In the first one, every graduate of the project will be evaluated based on the skills in the assessment test, according to Europass standards posted on the project website. The graduates will receive on email the announcement and the participation conditions in the educational program.
  • The 3rd stage: The application of the graduates teachers, selected in the 1st stage. They will also complete the following documents: application form, Europass CV, a copy of their identity card, copy of their diplomas/certificates (the copies will be *According to the original*), scanned and emailed to the project manager. The selected teachers will send the original documents.
  • The evaluation of the documents and the selection of the participants which will benefit of this program in 2 series: the first one consisting of 50 teachers - participating in April 2013, and the second one consisting of 50 members – participating in October 2013. The project manager and the general inspector for English language from the Ministry of the Education will be part of the evaluation committee. For every series, there will be selected a 20% reserve.
  • The participation list of the selected teachers will be published on the project website.
  • After these stages, the selected teachers will sign an agreement.
  • The activities in the educational package with the first series. All the expenses incurred by the program will be paid by the participants from the amounts provided as subsidy.

The activities included in the educational package with the second series of teachers. All the expenses incurred by the program will be paid by the participants from the amounts provided as subsidy.

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