Project objectives

The overall objective is to improve the quality of the human capital in education through the development of teachers’ skills supported by modern technologies, in order to use digital instruments for effective English teaching and a standardized assessment of language skills.


Specific objectives of the project:

1. The development of career opportunities for the teachers in the target group, by assimilating new knowledge, proven certificates of studies and getting transferable credits.

2. The development of the capacity which provides training programmes of ongoing professional training of the applicant through the training of the trainers who will be directly involved in the project and IT&C tools implementation to support training.

3. Introducing the IT&C usage in the process of training and skills improvement of teachers.

4. Tools implementation for standardized assessment of English skills – the EuroPass model.

5. Creating a virtual collaborative network among the members of the target group.

6. Promoting innovation in the transparent monitoring for professional training in order to ensure the quality of the programme for teachers and encouraging the use of IT&C in teaching and assessing the language skills. In the longrun, the project will contribute to the improvement of the teaching and assessment of English, by training teachers in several approaches and teaching styles, in order to help the students to become fully autonomous and acquire key skills.

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