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You will hear part of a radio discussion about the ongoing television dramas known as soap operas. Choose the correct answer.(A, B or C)


  1. The man says that soap operas now feature more dramatic events because:
  2. They have to appear similar to imported series
  3. The audience has requested more exciting storylines
  4. This can help to generate higher levels of media publicity


  1. The two speakers agree that soap operas should not
  2. Include social questions in their stories
  3. Tell their audiences what they ought to do
  4. Encourage discussion of difficult topics


Woman: My main criticism of soap operas is that there’s much more emphasis now on things   happening rather than on the development of character.

Man: Well, soaps, and in fact all dramas, have got to have things happening for their characters to have things to do. But over the last few years there’s been a lot more competition from both domestic and imported shows. So you’ve got to have much bigger events so that the press can pick them up and make the audience aware of what’s coming and so curios to switch on.

Woman: Another thing is the way some soaps insist on putting across public messages on social issues, the environment and so on, and do it with a very heavy hand, almost like a public service announcement rather than entertainment  programme.

Man: Well, I disapprove strongly of soaps handing out instructions but I think they do have an ability to give audiences information about an issue through the development of the storyline. People can see how characters deal with whatever the issue is and they can talk about it themselves. That’s got to be valuable, hasn’t it?

1.C, 2.B

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