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The mission assumed by the Ministry of Education is to form, through education, of the mental infrastructure of the Romanian society, according to the newest requirements derived from Romania’s status: member of the European Union and running in the globalization context, also generating a sustainable generation of highly competitive national human resources, able to work effectively in today’s society. The Romanian school’s educational ideal consists in free, full and harmonious development of human individuality, in personal development and assuming a system of values that are necessary for personal fulfillment and development, for entrepreneurship development, citizen involvement, for social inclusion and for employability.  

The Ministry as beneficiary, based on consultations with other interested institutions and ministries, designs, creates and applies the global strategy of the educational system, sets the objectives of the educational system as a whole, as well as educational objectives on levels and profiles. The Ministry has strategic functions, by developing the strategy for the development and implementation of the projects to achieve the objectives, regulatory and synthesis, by developing standards and methodologies for achieving the implemented projects and following the necessary applying instructions, for administration and budgeting management for the implemented projects, representation and management. The Ministry runs the implementation of multiple national educational projects, financed from the national budget, from BIRD and VDCE loans and from community funds – Phare or FSE. Important projects implemented by the Ministry (as applicant): Digital tools for quality of assessment improvement in higher education; Educational offerings (including extracurricular) for forming a healthy lifestyle and active citizenship for children from disadvantaged communities, especially rural, in the pre-university system in Romania; Training counselors and support assistants for the implementation of the Decentralization strategy of the pre-university system; Innovative methods in training teachers to develop students’ life skills; Human resources development in education for computer networks administration in the Romanian schools by developing and supporting programs which will support new professions in education, in the context of teachers’ reconversion and reaching the critical mass to make them stay in schools, also re-orientating them to jobs in the labor market; Training in the society of knowledge – All in the kindergartens, all in the 1th class! – Integrated programs for increasing access to education and educational level of children from disadvantaged communities, especially gypsy, in 2008-2009; Education, training and using the transition to employment for students and young people with higher risk of dropout education; Access to education for disadvantaged groups.

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